Welcome - EA6SK Qsl manager

My call is EA6SK and I'm a member of the QSL Manager's Society: http://www.qsl.net/qslmanagers/

If you want to see your Qslcards delivery status, sign up with you 'call' for free in this website http://www.qslmanager.eu; simply put your call, your email and choose your password.


If you want us to be your QSL MANAGER just contact us with the details bellow: As your manager , you get the following benefits

  • Free printing: if QSL's that have to send your contatcs confirmed just send us by mail your model double sided colorand we print them - FREE
  • Four times a year we send the QSLs from your contacts to your home address - FREE
  • We manage all your contacts with QSL responses receiver FREE
  • Send us your log of contacts in any format (Preferably ADIF). You see it is very easy to have a QSL Manager, you only have to contact us via email ea6sk@qslmanager.org